How To Get To Us

We are located in Balgüe, on the North East side of Ometepe Island.

You can drive, take a bus, tuk-tuk or taxi to get here once at the port town of Moyogalpa or San Jose del Sur. Or rent a vehicle like a quad, scooter or motorbike on the island. Contact us for reliable service providers.

See our neighbour’s site here for ferry schedules. It’s best to make a reservation in advance if bringing your own vehicle across. Passengers need no reservation.

For private transport to the port on the mainland in San Jorge, Rivas see here or contact us for assistance.

Arrive in style - Quad biking ATV four wheelers on Ometepe Island delivered to Bambouserie Jungle Cabins

Head towards "Finca Bona Fide" in Balgüe. La Bambouseraie is at the farm entrance, a 10-min walk up from the main road. Follow the signs at the forks in the path to your house- Casa Pitanga, Casa Malinche, Farmhouse or Palmera. If you’re not sure which house you reserved please check your reservation confirmation email or contact us via Whatsapp.

Please park off-road on the private driveway in the clearing where you see the signs if you have a small car. Do not attempt to pass the final part of our rocky driveway in a low vehicle or on a scooter.

*Note that google maps does not recognise our driveway and farm entrance and so will direct you up the nearest road, signposted to Finca Magdalena. Do not follow this road. Continue on through Balgüe and follow the signs to La Bambouseraie and Bona Fide as directed above.*


If you need anything on your journey you can contact us via whatsapp or call on +505 8444 4519